The Lower Mainland's Snow Contractor for 30 Years

As a British Columbia owned and operated company, Arctic Snow Removal knows that the greater Vancouver area is no stranger to snow, sleet and ice during the winter months. For the past 30 years, we have stood by our clients – acting as a first responder at the onset of a snowfall to keep you, your customers and your tenants safe. In order to yield the best results, we customize our service according to where you live in Vancouver and Coquitlam. Our knowledgeable team of experts are familiar with the constantly changing weather patterns throughout the Lower Mainland and we do our work according to the specific conditions in your neighborhoods. We guarantee quality snow removal in Vancouver.

Clearing Snow from Restaurants, Office Buildings, Apartments & More in Vancouver

Our fleet of snow removal equipment is capable of handling all of your snow removal and ice management needs, regardless of size. We have extensive experience in snow removal in Coquitlam from walkways, plowing parking lots and even making sure the entrance to your underground parking garage is clear and free from hanging ice. We can also haul snow away for effective snow removal, leaving you with more parking spaces and a professional looking exterior.

Take Safety One Step Further with Our De-Icing Services

Stop slips and falls in their tracks with our de-icing services. You’ve done the right thing by hiring snow removal services, but unfortunately, slippery conditions can still exist even after snow removal in Coquitlam. Our salting and sanding services are the perfect way to prevent ice from forming and to melt it away. This service is available on its own and in conjunction with our regular snow removal services to help eliminate icy conditions.

We Keep Detailed Records of Your Property

If you’re a repeat customer, we’re already aware of all the areas on your property that require extra attention during the coldest months, such as walkways and wheelchair ramps that are prone to ice or drainage and drift areas that need to be kept clear of snow. No – we’re not psychic! We keep detailed records of your service contracts, dispatches and local weather patterns for 7 years, so you can be sure that year after year, we can provide effective snow removal services in Vancouver.

Snow storms can happen any day and at any time, which is why our snow removal services are available 24/7 across Vancouver and Coquitlam.  Give Arctic Snow Removal a call today!